Below are examples of housing market studies and needs assessments conducted by Morningside Research and Consulting.

NEW! City of Corpus Christi, Texas. Morningside is currently finalizing an assessment of fair housing for the City of Corpus Christi. As part of the federally-required assessment, we analyzed maps and tables from HUD on general demographic trends in the city and determined the extent of fair housing issues such as segregation, disproportionate housing burden, and unequal access to opportunity. We also researched local laws and policies related to fair housing and considered data on the role of publicly supported housing in the city. To supplement this information, we interviewed local stakeholders, conducted a resident survey in English and Spanish, and facilitated focus groups and public meetings to obtain input on fair housing concerns. At the end of this process, we produced a final report that identified contributing factors to fair housing issues and recommended specific fair housing goals for the city. The report is currently available for public comment. View the full report.

NEW! Richland County, South Carolina. Morningside completed a consolidated plan for the Richland County Community Development Department. The consolidated plan is a federal requirement for all recipients of HUD block grants and consists of four major sections: a needs assessment, a market analysis, a strategic plan, and an action plan. In the needs assessment and market analysis sections, we considered the housing and community development needs of Richland County residents, including populations who are homeless or have special needs, and compared them with the market of available housing units, job opportunities, and public services and amenities in the county. In the strategic plan and action plan sections, we proposed a five-year community development strategy based on the prioritized needs of the county and detailed a plan for the first year that included specific projects and budgetary allocations. Information for the project was obtained from HUD data and secondary research as well as from a robust public participation process that included interviews, focus groups, public meetings, and a survey in English and Spanish. View the full report.

City of Marion, Iowa. Morningside completed a housing market analysis for the City of Marion. We conducted quantitative research on demographic and economic trends in the city. We coordinated an extensive public participation process, gathering input from housing developers and community stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and an online survey. At the conclusion of the data collection process, we produced a report that analyzed recent trends in the housing market, including the need for senior housing and new development in the Uptown district of the city. The report includes projections for future demand for affordable housing and for affordable and market‐rate senior housing for 2020, 2025, and 2030. As with the City of Davenport, below, we also determined whether the city could qualify as a Distressed Workforce Community under the requirements of the Iowa Economic Development Authority; the city did receive this designation, allowing affordable housing developers to qualify for investment tax credits. View the full report.

City of Davenport, Iowa. Morningside completed a housing needs assessment for the City of Davenport. Morningside coordinated and facilitated a public participation process to obtain resident and other stakeholder input on the housing and community development needs in Davenport through a survey, focus groups, a public forum, and interviews. Morningside conducted extensive research on the demographic, economic, housing, and community development trends and needs in Davenport. The final report included analyses of these factors and recommendations for future action. As part of the report, we analyzed whether the city could qualify as a Distressed Workforce Community under the requirements of the Iowa Economic Development Authority; the city did receive this designation, allowing affordable housing developers to qualify for investment tax credits. View the full report.

Cities of Springdale and Rogers, Arkansas. Morningside led the federally required assessment of fair housing for both cities. We coordinated and facilitated a public participation effort to identify fair housing issues in the area, including developing a resident survey in both English and Spanish, conducting focus groups and a public forum, and conducting stakeholder interviews. In addition, Morningside conducted a quantitative analysis of data obtained through HUD as well as from a variety of other federal, state, and local sources to analyze demographic trends, patterns of segregation, disparities in access to opportunity, and disproportionate housing needs in the city. Along with the results from the public participation process, Morningside used these data to identify any fair housing issues in the city, as well as the factors contributing to those issues. Morningside set goals for each city designed to address the fair housing issues and contributing factors and to ensure that all residents have equal access to housing. View the full reports here and here.

City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Morningside completed the needs assessment, housing market analysis, and strategic plan components of the federally required consolidated plan for the City of Cedar Rapids. We conducted an extensive public participation effort including a stakeholder focus group, a public meeting, a resident survey, and interviews. In addition, our team conducted outreach to service providers across the city, including meeting with clients and assisting residents in completing the survey. View the full report.

City of Houston, Texas. Morningside facilitated a public housing forum for the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) for their federally required analysis of impediments to fair housing choice. The all-day event was organized around three panel discussions with experts in a variety of disciplines who provided information relevant to the issue of fair housing. Small group discussions were held twice during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A total of 173 individuals attended the forum, representing 83 organizations. Morningside summarized the small group discussions and presented a citizen participation report to HCDD. View the full report.