Below are examples of needs assessments conducted by Morningside Research and Consulting.

NEW! Austin, Texas. Morningside conducted a community health assessment (CHA) of Austin and Travis County with Austin Public Health, the Travis County Health and Human Services Department, and other community partners. The purpose of the assessment is to provide a snapshot of the health of the community that will be used to prioritize health issues and plan for future health programming. The CHA analyzes extensive quantitative data obtained from national and state databases as well as qualitative data gathered through community and stakeholder participation to produce a robust assessment of community health. The CHA looks at health behaviors and health outcomes as well as data related to the social determinants of health such as the economy, education levels, health care access, and social services data. Austin Public Health is accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) and the CHA must be conducted at least every five years to maintain accreditation. The CHA is currently available for public comment. View the full report.

Marathon County, Wisconsin. Morningside conducted a community needs assessment for the Marathon County Board of Supervisors in central Wisconsin. The purpose of the assessment was to identify current community assets, unmet human services needs, gaps in services, and trends that will influence or impact the delivery of human services in the future. We paid special attention to behavioral health services and delivery of those services to help the county decide how to continue providing those services. We conducted an extensive review of previous needs assessments of county services. A series of meetings and interviews were held with Marathon County staff, providers of human services throughout the county, other stakeholders, and residents to identify, discuss, and prioritize the human services needs in the community. View the full report.

Broward County, Florida. Morningside participated on a team conducting a community needs assessment for the Broward County Human Services Department. We interviewed dozens of key stakeholders, toured service locations, and conducted a focus group of consumers of a substance abuse treatment center and a focus group of service providers. Our team summarized the results of the research, worked with the project team to identify the top human services needs in the county and developed recommendations for the county to improve their role as a major funder of social services in the community. Our team was subsequently contracted to facilitate the development of a departmental strategic plan and provide technical assistance to the department to implement our recommendations. View the full report.

Arlington, Texas. The City of Arlington received a grant to assess the capacity of the community to promote early learning and school readiness and to develop recommendations and guidance for strengthening early learning services. Morningside conducted a community scan and documented disparities in early learning achievement among pre‐school children. We surveyed educators and parents, facilitated focus groups of parents and educators, and conducted interviews of key stakeholders to identify the root causes of the disparities. Morningside assembled and facilitated a community‐wide leadership team to consider the data collected and develop an implementation plan to seek funding for a mobile outreach program to promote early learning achievement in low‐income and minority communities and to impact the quality of early child care provided. View the full report.

Cameron County, Texas. Morningside assessed the federally funded child care services available for special needs children for the workforce development board in Cameron County, Texas. Morningside used data from multiple state agencies and other sources to identify the providers and funders of child care in Cameron County and to estimate demand for child care services. We conducted a gap analysis that identified the unmet need in the community. Morningside interviewed local and statewide stakeholders and experts as well as peer workforce development boards to identify best practices in serving children with special needs. A final report to the board included recommendations designed to mitigate or eliminate identified gaps and to ensure that children with special needs have access to quality child care.

Austin, Texas. Morningside assessed the needs of small businesses for the City of Austin Small Business Program (SBP). The report highlighted the input gathered from Austin small business owners (through surveys and focus groups) on their need for business information, technical assistance, and training; identified gaps between the small business owners’ needs and the services offered by SBP; and recommended strategies to narrow or close the gaps identified.

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