Morningside Research and Consulting reviews the management and operations of government agencies to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services. Examples include:

Marion County, Oregon. Morningside conducted a performance review of the management and organizational structure of the Marion County Health Department. The scope of the review included the behavioral health, public health, and developmental disabilities services provided by the department. The purpose of the review was to recommend the most effective and efficient organizational structure and service delivery system to meet current and future demand for services. Our team analyzed budgets, service utilization data, and program outcomes. We spoke with county staff and community partners to fully understand the current organizational structure in order to formulate recommendations to improve processes and outcomes for the department.  View the full report.

Travis County, Texas. As a subcontractor to Public Works, LLC, Morningside led a comprehensive and in-depth performance review of the ten departments that report directly to the Travis County Commissioners Court as well as the Travis County Purchasing Office. The performance review included an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the organizational and administrative functions of the eleven departments. The review team collected data, benchmarked services against other counties, and conducted extensive interviews and several focus groups. The final report included a total of 162 recommendations, including cost savings and improvements to policies, programs, and organizational structure. View the full report.

State of Alaska. As a subcontractor to Public Works, LLC, Morningside led the review of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), which was commissioned by the Alaska Division of Legislative Audit. DHSS oversees public health, juvenile justice, child welfare, Medicaid, and eligibility for public benefit programs. The performance review was charged with determining whether services are provided efficiently and effectively, where duplication exists, where changes to the organizational structure could lead to more effective and efficient use of limited state resources, and the degree to which IT functions effectively support DHSS programs and services. Our team collected data and interviewed department staff and stakeholder groups, held focus groups, and surveyed other states to benchmark numerous programs and services. View the full report.

Department-wide Performance Reviews (States of Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, and West Virginia). Two of these reports are featured in a collection of 30 government efficiency reports on the Harvard Kennedy School Operational Excellence in Government website: Colorado and Iowa. As a subcontractor to Public Works, LLC, Morningside led the review of several state agencies in multiple statewide performance reviews. For these projects, we assessed program goals and missions, clients served, program outcomes, and fees and revenue. We compared operations to governing statutes and regulations. We interviewed department staff and stakeholder groups and surveyed other states to benchmark various programs and services, including rate-setting methodologies for foster care residential placement facilities and federal reimbursement methodologies for foster care activities.

Louisville Metro Government. As a subcontractor, Morningside led a team investigating four areas of the Louisville Metro Government: fire and EMS services, solid waste and recycling, public safety, and transportation and infrastructure. The review identified opportunities to recover the full cost of providing services to incorporated cities within Jefferson County and to more efficiently provide services throughout the county.