Examples of our policy and fiscal analyses include the following:

Austin, Texas. In 2015, the Small Business Program in the City of Austin Economic Development Department commissioned a study to conduct research on national best practices for governmental support of the creation and development of cooperatively-owned businesses (co-ops). Morningside conducted the research on national best practices for government support of co-ops, funding methods currently and potentially available to co-ops, the types of training used to promote the creation and development of co-ops, and marketing strategies used to promote the benefits of co-ops to the public. Morningside prepared a detailed report to the City that includes recommendation on how the City can support co-ops. To better inform recommendations, Morningside reviewed services available to co-ops through other local and national service providers and conducted a review of the literature on how local governments can best support co-ops. Morningside also identified model cities around the country that are providing programs and services that might be replicated to assist co-ops in Austin. View the full report.

Regulatory review (State of Texas). Morningside completed three legislatively mandated studies of towing fees for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation since 2008. The first study reviewed the regulatory climate in Texas and other states to determine whether the state of Texas should regulate fees. The second study provided a recommendation for a statewide non-consent towing fee. The third studied the feasibility of regulating towing from accident scenes. Each of the three studies required a report to the Texas legislature with findings and recommendations. View the most recent report. 

Answering the Call: How States Process Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect (All 50 states). Morningside conducted the first study of the child welfare intake system for all 50 states. We administered a survey to collect information about child abuse and neglect intake across the United States. Our research found differences in the rates of referrals, investigation response time, percentage of referrals screened in, and total child welfare expenditures based on whether states have centralized or decentralized intake systems. View the full report.

Review of mental health care services and expenditures (East Texas Council of Governments). Morningside conducted a study for the East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) of the costs incurred by the 14 county governments in the region as a result of untreated mental health and substance abuse disorders, including costs to the local health departments, the courts, and the Sheriffs’ offices. The report details the expenditures of the counties and the mental health authorities serving the ETCOG region, as well as the challenges the counties face addressing the needs of residents with behavioral health disorders. The report includes an overview of a number of regional strategies for ETCOG to consider to address the mental health care needs and challenges in the region. View the full report.

Texas hospital district financing. Over a period of five years, Morningside published a series of reports annually that compared the financial and operating statistics of the 10 largest public hospitals in Texas. The reports contained the most current and comprehensive source of information on public hospitals in Texas. The annual reports addressed the funding and service delivery of hospital-based services as well as mental health care services, community-based clinics, indigent health care, and health care for inmates. We maintained a database containing multiple years of data that allows for trend analysis of hospital financial and operating performance over time. View a sample report.